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Respite Endowment Organization is a 501c3, not for profit agency dedicated to providing rest support, resources and education to parents of children with special needs.

O'Flaherty Law is proud to announce our new partnership with Respite Endowment Organization.  We are dedicated to establishing a lasting relationship to promote, grow and enhance Respite Endowment Organization and the amazing work they do to benefit the community.

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We aren't just a law firm, we are members of our community and strongly believe in the importance of our clients and giving back to our community.

We are active in several community organizations including the Rotary Club of Downers Grove, The Lions Club, and the Downers Grove, Willowbrook/Burr Ridge, Lisle, Lemont, and Tinley Park Chambers of Commerce.   

Community involvement is important to O’Flaherty Law. Last year Kevin O'flaherty was vice president of the Rotary Club of Downers Grove and chairman of the business expo for the Rotary Grove Fest, the Downers Grove summer festival. This year he will serve a term on the chamber of commerce board. In 2014, he was on the board of AIM, the Center for Independent Living, a nonprofit organization that helps disabled people live on their own.
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By providing assistance to families of special needs children, REOrg makes direct impact on the care of children. Our programs prevent neglect, abuse and focus on mental health to ease parents feeling stressed/depressed. Our goals are rest, awareness and education.

What is Respite?

Respite is a GIFT OF TIME. Respite care is designed to help families of children with special needs. It is a temporary break from the daily responsibilities of care giving  It gives the regular caregiver some much-needed time off, allowing them to get out of the house (or finish some home chores while someone else is being the responsible caregiver), visit with friends, have quiet time alone, go to the store or library, run errands, have an evening out, or even have a weekend getaway. Respite care comes in many forms:

Why is Respite so important?

Respite care is a NECESSITY, not a luxury, no matter what form it takes. Caring for a child with special needs presents additional challenges that go beyond the everyday stresses of being a parent. Respite supports parents and primary caregivers so that families can keep their child living with them in their home. Respite care is critical to the well-being of both the caregiver and care recipient for a number of reasons:

  • Managing responsibility: No matter how much love or dedication a caregiver feels toward their child, the burden of long-term caregiving is too great for one person (or a couple) to successfully manage on their own.
  • Stamina: Caregiving requires time and energy, and respite lets the caregiver rest and restore their energy. 
  • Physical & mental health: Caretakers of children with special needs often face significant stress as a result of balancing the needs of their child with the needs of other family members and themselves, leading to physical and mental health problems. Respite provides much-needed stress relief, enabling the caregiver and family to recover and build resilience to continue providing optimum care.
  • Burnout: Caregivers who are overwhelmed with stress will experience burnout, leaving them unfit and incapable of providing sufficient care.
  • Quality care: Caregiver burnout can lead to neglect or abuse. Relieving caregiver stress helps maintain optimum care.

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