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Indemnification Agreements to Protect Yourself from Liability

An Indemnification agreement is an agreement between two parties providing that if one party is sued for a particular reason, the other party will cover the costs of defending the lawsuit as well as any damages that arise from the suit.  It is a useful tool when two parties are intertwined in a larger transaction, and want to divide legal responsibility between them.   It protects each party from lawsuits for which the other should be responsible. 

‍Indemnification agreements can be built into a larger contract (like a lease, asset purchase agreement, or employment agreement) or it can be a stand-alone agreement.

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Employers Vicarious Liability For Employee Conduct in Illinois

In this article we will explain the vicarious liability of an employer for the actions of an employee in Illinois. We will discuss both the doctrines of respondeat superior and negligent hiring.

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What Constitutes Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Illinois?

In this article, we answer the question, “what constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace in Illinois?”  We also answer the following: “what is sexual harassment?”, “what is the difference between quid pro quo sexual harassment and hostile work environment sexual harassment?”, “what are some examples of sexual harassment?”, “what if the harasser retaliates against me for reporting sexual harassment?”, and “do I need a lawyer for sexual harassment in the workplace?”

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