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Child Support and Remarriage in Illinois

In this article, we explain the impact of remarriage on Illinois child support obligations.  We answer the questions, “how is child support calculated in Illinois?”, “what happens if the parent paying child support gets remarried?”, “what happens if the recipient of child support gets remarried?”, and “does remarriage impact parental resources for the purpose of child support for college education?”

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Illinois Temporary Child Custody Orders | Temporary Orders Allocating Parenting Time and Responsibility

In this article, we will explain Illinois temporary child custody orders, which allocate parenting time and responsibility until a final order is entered by the court.  Prior to 2016, courts used the terms “custody” and “visitation.”  Since 2016, Illinois courts now use the terms “allocation of parenting time and responsibility” instead.  In this article, we will use the terms interchangeably.  

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Illinois Child Custody Appeals Explained | Appealing Allocation of Parenting Time and Responsibility

In this article we will explain appeals of child custody and parenting time orders orders in Illinois. We answer the questions “what types of court orders can you appeal in Illinois?” and “when are child custody orders appealable in Illinois?”  We also explain how to appeal temporary child custody orders in Illinois and the expedited procedure for child custody appeals.

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