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Spousal Maintenance

Child Support and Remarriage in Illinois

In this article, we explain the impact of remarriage on Illinois child support obligations.  We answer the questions, “how is child support calculated in Illinois?”, “what happens if the parent paying child support gets remarried?”, “what happens if the recipient of child support gets remarried?”, and “does remarriage impact parental resources for the purpose of child support for college education?”

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Illinois Child Custody Jurisdiction Explained | How to Determine Which Court Has Jurisdiction in Child Custody Cases

In this article we discuss child custody jurisdiction law in Illinois and how courts make their decisions on jurisdictions of matters.

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Is a Parent Who Pays Child Support Required to Notify the Recipient of Changes in Employment or Income in Illinois?

In this article, we will answer a reader’s question, “is a parent who pays child support required to notify the recipient of changes in employment or income in Illinois?”  We will answer the questions, “how are child support amounts determined in Illinois?”, and “do Illinois child support payments change when a parent changes employment?”

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