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How Is My Child Support Calculated? | Illinois Child Support Law 2021

In this article we will be discussing How Is My Child Support Calculated and we will answer the questions of:

  • What is a Shared Parenting Model?
  • What Factors Go Into Determining a Child Support Award?
  • What is the Income Shares Schedule?
  • What is the Calculation for Determining Child Support?
  • What If One Parent is Currently Unemployed?
  • What is a Job Dairy?
  • What is Imputed Income?
  • What if I Work on Commission or Receive Bonuses?
  • What Happens if the Nonresidential Parent Refuses to Participate in the Case?
  • What is a Needs Based Order?
  • What Happens if I Lose My Job or Cannot Afford To Make Child Support Payments?
  • How Does the Court Determine Parenting Time for the Purpose of Child Support Calculations?

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