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As a board-certified family practice physician I believe in combining science and science-based medicine with science-based natural products to ensure optimal health outcomes for my patients.

I have over 20 years’ experience treating patients by blending these two aspects of medicine.I am now very excited to share two revolutionary products that I’m convinced can help turn back the cellular clock and contribute to a longer, healthier life. --

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Dr. Jaya Kasturi

Dr. Jaya Kasturi is a board certified internist who has work experience in Asia, Europe, North Africa and in the United States. She was an academician teaching medical students, doing research in Hematology, Oncology and her research is published in several international journals.
For 20 years she has incorporated integrative medicine in her practice with successful results in diseases like Diabetes, Hyper Tension and Heart Disease.
At present, she is fully immersed in educating people about the latest advances in anti-aging science and how to use this science to live a happier, healthier life.

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