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Money Mindset Breakthrough

Have you ever wondered why you know what you "should" do with your money, but you just can't get yourself to do it? Did you know that your money story is often formed by the age of 8? Based on your family, cultural, and media experiences? But what if you could change that story and create a Wealthy Mindset? Join myself and Dr. Marino as we deep dive into what shapes our money mindset, what our money personality is, and how can we change it. And as a special bonus, Dr. Marino is offering a free hypnosis track to clear your Money Mindset patterns and plant the seeds of abundance. Just Text Get Started to 844-947-6640.


Dr. Donna Marino is a licensed clinical psychologist, TEDx speaker, author and coach. She has been working to better the lives of others since 1996 and is an expert in women's empowerment, mindfulness and positive psychology. She currently owns Inner Guidance, which provides programming, speaking and coaching services to inspire women to move past their fears, insecurities and self-doubt in order to boldly fulfill their life’s purpose. Dr. Marino is dedicated to helping women embrace their power and step into their greatness.


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