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From as young as I could remember I've always had a passion for understanding people and hearing their life stories of pain and challenges but also what made them get that extra edge to push through and become ultimately successful. What was the paradigm shift? What had happened in their life to make such a change? How can I bring this message to other women in the hopes they can alter their reality?  

I've been in Financial services for 15 years and have seen the struggles that women face when it comes to their career, marriage, divorce, ageing parents and children.  Women as a whole, are way too hard on themselves. We don't practice enough self-love and REALLY don't give ourselves enough credit for what we have been through.  We give and give until there is nothing left in the tank and end up emotionally and physically drained.  We need to STOP this vicious cycle of self-hate and judgement.  And start TODAY to learn to let all those fears go and just live life on YOUR terms. Not the life that others are telling you, you should live.  Cause that's what makes them feel comfortable. The life that is meant for YOU.

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