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The Business Lounge - Marketing

Website Audits & SEO Reports

We offer affordable website services tailored to your company's needs.

Often times websites and social media presences is initially important to organizations however in the long term, they get neglected or you haven't taken all the steps necessary to be found by customers or potential fans,

Business Lounge Marketing will help your site get optimized and targeting your customers.


Knowing what pages you have and what your customers see is important whether running a business website, online store or personal blog. We will help identify key website and link errors


We create a custom report tailored to your organization. We look at dozens of different factors including page structure, tags SEO & meta descriptions and your businesses online presence to give you a clear picture of your site.


Looking to start a podcast or promote your existing brand? Let us help you find your niche to get you and your business exposure.

Social Media & Marketing Campaigns

Looking for new ways to reach your target audience?  We can help create unique and tailor campaigns to reach more audiences. Contact us to find out more.

Website Design & Rebuild

Is your site old, un-optimized or have extensive technical issues? Le us help you rebuild, reestablish and renew you brand.

Membership Includes

24/7 Access to Lounges

Our door is always open to our members to lounges. Share drinks, snacks, and a great place to work with other members in our lounges. No more loud coffee shops. Find your home at one of our lounges.

Easy Conference Room Scheduling

Meet up with your team and partners at our conference rooms. Quickly set up a time where you can conduct your meetings in style.

Beverages paid by the club

Socializing is a blast when you add free beverages provided by the club.

Promote Your Business

Access to the club website, where you can promote your business and your events, and link back to your own website. We are SEO friendly!

Signage and Business Address

Google loves local business. Having a physical location gains advantages in the digital age. Online directories can list physical locations to add SEO power to your site with link banks.

Most business owners understand the stress listing your own house as a business location to directories and to Google. It can be dangerous to publicize personal information that can lead back to your personal life. Setting up shop in additional locations adds outreach any way you spin it.