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On Purpose Growth

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On Purpose Growth

Whether it's selling someone on your idea or selling someone on a product, sales is an important part of life. Jeff discusses strategies, techniques, mindset, and habits for selling more. 

Don't let your nervousness or confusion about sales lead to an unsuccessful business or life. Sales isn't as intimidating after changing your perspective on it. If so, the onPurpose Management podcast is for you! Jeff goes through ways of improving communication in the work place. Managing people can be frustrating. Don't give up! 

Refocus your vision through OnPurpose's Management Podcast. Learn actionable techniques that you can apply today in your business. Good for employees and mentors alike.Then you'll love the onPupose Personal Growth Podcast with Jeff and Gavin. The only person standing in your way -- is YOU! Any kind of goal can be achieved if you break down the barriers. 

Whether it be starting a project, learning a new skill, or staying healthy, all of these require self motivation and discipline. Tune in weekly to stay motivated towards your goal and learn methods professionals use to keep on task and live a more successful life.