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O’Flaherty Law hopes you and your family are doing okay during the current COVID-19 crisis.  The uncertainty of the Coronavirus, doesn't mean you can put your legal needs on hold.

You can receive a consultation and most legal services without leaving your home.  Our attorneys are happy to speak to you by phone, video conference, or e-mail.

To schedule a virtual consultation, please call or email us or schedule a consultation online.

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Current Court Status

January 2021 Covid-19/Coronavirus Update for Illinois and Iowa Courthouse Services

Nearly all courts in Illinois and Iowa have reopened, but in-person court services are mostly limited to emergency only situations. It is at the judge’s discretion to determine if matters in a case will be conducted via teleconference, videoconference, in-person, or a combination thereof. All parties and attorneys may video conference from a location they choose, including the courthouse, if allowed. Court reporters and interpreters continue to be available for videoconferencing and teleconferencing of hearings. Any matters conducted in-person should follow social distancing guidelines, including wearing a mask and keeping a minimum of 6 feet of distancing between individuals.

Extensions for deadlines in the Appellate Court and Supreme Court continue to be in force and are updated periodically. Because of the fluid nature of the pandemic situation, we strongly suggest contacting your local Illinois or Iowa courthouse, county, or district clerk to get the current information on court services. It is common, but not guaranteed, that supervisory orders and deadlines will be extended as coronavirus metrics continue to be updated.

Orders concerning court reestablishment plans and Covid-19 guidelines for individual Illinois circuit courts, appellate courts, and the Illinois Supreme Court are located at

Orders concerning court reestablishment plans and Covid-19 guidelines for individual Iowa district courts, the Iowa Court of Appeals, and the Iowa Supreme Court are located at

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