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We offer free, paid & online consultations in nearly every area of law throughout Illinois and Iowa. We have a range of options to assist you with your legal needs.

9 am - 5 pm Mon - Friday
After 5 pm by Appointment
11 am - 3pm Saturday &
11 am - 2 pm Sunday by Appointment

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Paid Consultations

What to Expect from a Paid Consultation?

   During a paid legal consultation, you get your legal questions answered. Whether you have a phone, online, or in-person legal consultation, our experienced attorneys will assist you by reviewing documents, calculating support & business calculations, contract review and giving you matter-specific guidance on your legal matter

We Offer Paid Consults on:

-Calculating Maintenance
-Calculating Child Support
-Filling Property Tax Appeal Forms
-Landlord-Tenant Disuputes
-Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

Free Consultations

What To Expect During a Free Consultation?

   During a free legal consultation, you tell our legal representatives the legal goal you are trying to accomplish, and our attorneys will tell you how we would accomplish them.
   Our representatives can't answer specific legal questions regarding facts of your case without having an Attorney-Client Relationship in place.
   This can be put in place before a paid consultation in order for you to get your specific questions answered and calculations made by our legal team.

We Offer Free Consultations on:

-Divorce-Estate Planning
-Child Support
-Spousal Maintenance
-Corporate Entity Selection
-Business Start Ups
-Mechanics Liens
-Many Types of Civil Litigation Matters

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