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Facing financial challenges can be overwhelming, especially when the threat of losing your home looms large. In Madison, WI, our bankruptcy attorneys provide a beacon of hope. We specialize in navigating complex bankruptcy cases to secure your financial freedom and peace of mind. Explore how we can help you regain control of your finances and safeguard your future.
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"Kevin was extremely professional, responsive and knowledgeable when I came to him for help. I would definitely recommend O'Flaherty Law!"

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Learn how we service your area through our Remote Location Approach.

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Regardless of the nature of your case, we have an experienced attorney who will focus on your individual needs. Our team of attorneys works closely together, bringing each of their different fields of experience to bear in order to optimize our client care.

Client Testimonials

Christi M.

Kevin's firm handled setting up my will and trust recently. They took something that seemed intimidating and made it easy to understand. I've also referred a couple clients to Kevin - he's trustworthy, approachable and very fairly priced.


"I've used Kevin and his firm's services since 2011. He gave undivided attention to my cases, advised me on different options and..."

Rachel B.

"Kevin was extremely professional, responsive and knowledgeable when I came to him for help. I would definitely recommend O'Flaherty Law!"

About Bankruptcy Attorney in Madison WI:

Navigating Bankruptcy in Madison, WI

Bankruptcy is a legal pathway designed to offer relief to those burdened by insurmountable debt. Our Madison-based team of bankruptcy lawyers brings a comprehensive approach to managing your bankruptcy case, ensuring personalized strategies that align with your financial goals. Here's how we can assist:

Foreclosure Defense

The fear of losing one's home is profoundly distressing. Our foreclosure defense attorneys are committed to fighting for your right to stay in your home, exploring all legal avenues to prevent foreclosure, and providing you with options to secure your living situation.

Real Estate Concerns in Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy has significant implications for your real estate holdings and your ability to secure future loans. Our bankruptcy attorneys in Madison are well-equipped with the knowledge to navigate these complexities, ensuring that your real estate assets are handled wisely throughout the bankruptcy process.

Estate Planning Adjustments

Bankruptcy can necessitate a reevaluation of your estate plan to ensure the careful and intended distribution of your assets. Our team ensures that your estate planning aligns with your current financial landscape, protecting your legacy and those you care about.

Addressing Family Law Issues

Debt does not only affect your finances; it can ripple through all areas of your life, including family relations. Our experienced family law attorneys work hand-in-hand with our bankruptcy team to address any family law issues that arise due to financial distress, ensuring a holistic approach to your legal needs.

Why Choose a Bankruptcy Attorney in Madison

Anecdotal Story: Consider John, a Madison resident whose small business was hit hard by unexpected market shifts. Burdened with debt and facing the potential loss of his family home, John turned to our bankruptcy attorneys for help. Through a carefully strategized Chapter 13 filing, not only were we able to stop the foreclosure, but we also restructured his debts, allowing him to keep his home and pave the way for financial recovery.

  • Protection Against Creditors: Our attorneys can intervene directly with your creditors, halting harassment and collection calls, and allowing you the space to focus on rebuilding financially.
  • Navigating Paperwork and Procedures: Bankruptcy filings involve intricate paperwork and legal procedures. Our team ensures everything is completed accurately and timely, safeguarding you from potential pitfalls.
  • Legal Guidance: The complexities of bankruptcy law require a deep understanding to navigate successfully. Our attorneys bring their extensive knowledge and experience to bear, advising on the best course of action tailored to your situation.
  • Security and Peace of Mind: Entrusting your case to our experienced attorneys reduces stress and uncertainty, providing you with the assurance that your bankruptcy is proceeding smoothly towards a positive outcome.

How To Reach Our Madison Location:

From Middleton, WI:

  • Head east on University Ave/US-14 E towards Madison, merging onto the Beltline Highway (US-12/18 E).
  • Exit at Gammon Rd, turning left, then right onto Mineral Point Rd.
  • Turn left on Grand Canyon Dr, then right onto Normandy Lane. The destination is on your right.

From Verona, WI:

  • Start on US-18/151 E, merging onto the Beltline Highway (US-12/18 E) towards Madison.
  • Exit at Gammon Rd, turn left onto Watts Rd, then right onto Gammon Rd.
  • Left on Mineral Point Rd, right on Grand Canyon Dr, then right onto Normandy Lane. The destination is on your right.

From Fitchburg, WI:

  • Begin on Verona Rd (US-18/151 N), merging onto the Beltline Highway (US-12/18 W).
  • Exit at Whitney Way north, left onto Schroeder Rd, right onto Whitney Way again, then left onto Mineral Point Rd.
  • Right on Grand Canyon Dr, then another right onto Normandy Lane. The destination is on your right.
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What to Expect From a Legal Consultation

The purpose of a consultation is to determine whether our firm is a good fit for your legal needs. Although we often discuss expected results and costs, our attorneys do not give legal advice unless and until you choose to retain us.

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I am personally committed to ensuring that each one of our clients receives the highest level of client service from our team.  Our mission is to provide excellent legal work in a cost-effective manner while maintaining open lines of communication between our clients and their attorneys.  Many of our clients are going through difficult times in their lives when they reach out to us.  They should feel comfortable leaning on the experience and knowledge of our attorneys as their counselors and advocates.  We are here to help!

- Attorney Kevin O'Flaherty, Owner

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