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Top 3 Qualities to Look for in Your Attorney

Your attorney should not speak in legalese.

Finding an attorney that is a “real person” can be difficult.  Many attorneys surround themselves almost exclusively with other attorneys and are accustomed to speaking in ivory tower legalese.  You should be able to connect with your attorney on a personal level, and he or she should speak to you in plain language that you can understand.  You will be working very closely with this person on issues that are very important to you.  It is important that he or she be down-to-Earth and someone that you connect with.

Your attorney should be accessible.

The most common complaint that clients have of their attorneys is that the attorney is unreachable, does not communicate with them regularly, or does not promptly return your calls.  Your attorney should reach out to you about your case regularly and respond within 24 hours to calls and e-mails.  An open line of communication between you and your attorney is essential to building trust.

Your attorney should be realistic with you about costs and outcomes.

Your attorney’s goal should not be to win at all costs.  Rather, it should be to achieve a favorable outcome for you as efficiently as possible.  It is important that your attorney set realistic expectations at the outset as to the costs you should expect, concerns that the attorney has about the outcome of your case, and the length of time that you should expect your case to take.

Regardless of the nature your case, we have an experienced attorney who will focus on your individual needs. Our team of attorneys works closely together, bringing each of their different fields of experience to bear in order to optimize our client care.

Legal Services

Family Law & Divorce

Our friendly Lake in the Hills attorneys have the experience to put you in the best position to succeed. We take a team approach, providing excellent client service at an affordable price in Divorce & Family Law, Estate Planning, Probate & Estate Administration, Guardianship, DUI and Criminal Defense, Business and Corporate Law, and more.

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Family Law & Divorce

Our experienced Lake in the Hills divorce & family law attorneys and staff will be your aggressive advocates while working to keep your case efficient and affordable. We were named one of the 10 Best Attorneys for Client Satisfaction for 2016 by the American Institute of Family Law attorneys, and were also a recipient of the Avvo Client's Choice Award in 2016 for Divorce. We are accessible, client focused, and excellent at what we do, exercising every option under the law to protect your rights and achieve the most favorable possible outcome to your case.

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Probate & Estate Administration

​If you are the executor, trustee or administrator of a loved ones estate, our Lake in the Hills probate & guardianship attorneys are here to assist you. We are here to make sure that you don't have to deal with the stressful process of probate alone. We take pride in our client communication and excellent service at cost-effective rates.

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Guardianship Law

Our Lake in the Hills guardianship attorneys will help you achieve your guardianship goals. We have experience in both contested and uncontested guardianship proceedings and offer affordable rates, accessibility and the assurance your matter is in experienced hands and in the best position to succeed.

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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Our experienced Lake in the Hills ​Litigation attorneys will be your advocate! We will aggressively protect your rights and fight on your behalf to achieve an efficient and cost-effective favorable outcome to your matter. Our knowledgable litigators have extensive experience in state and federal disputes involving commercial litigation, fraud, defamation, negligence, breach of contract, disputes between business partners, employment disputes, landlord/tenant disputes and evictions, construction law, and homeowners association disputes. Our goal is to settle your matter favorably as quickly and affordably as possible, so that you can move on with your life. Call us at (847)231-2102 or e-mail us at​ to schedule a free consultation.

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DUI, Criminal & Traffic Defense

Few things are more important than your choice of attorney for defense of DUI, traffic, and criminal matters. Our Lake in the Hills DUI attorneys and Lake In The Hills criminal attorneys will fight to defend you, making sure that every legal option Is explored to provide you with the best available outcome under the law. Our Lake In The Hills DUI attorneys and Lake In The Hills criminal defense attorneys care and are accessible day and night. We will be there by your side to be your shield.

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Business, Corporate & Contract Law

Being a business owner himself, Kevin O'Flaherty understands the mindset of entrepreneurs and the hardships that come with owning a business. Kevin is an active member of the local business community, involved in several chambers of commerce and the Rotary club. Additionally, Kevin host a podcast for business owners where he discusses business strategies for successful entrepreneurs called Kevin will take the time to personally council you on the complex matters that come with the business incorporation, contracts, asset purchase agreements, exit strategies, employees, and commercial disputes. He will provide you with the resources you need to accomplish your legal and non-legal business goals. Call us at (847) 231-2102 or e-mail us at​ to schedule a free consultation.

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Our Lake in the Hills Immigration & Naturalization attorneys understand that our country was built on immigrants. Keeping your family together in a land of opportunity is important to us. We are always happy to explain your legal options in your native language. We have experience with immigration law, visas, naturalization, green cards and asylum and take pride in our excellent service at cost-effective rates. We work hard to explore various options to give you the best chance of gaining citizenship or staying in the United States.

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Real Estate Law

​Our dedicated Lake in the Hills residential & commercial real estate attorneys and staff understand the importance of your home purchase or sale. That is why we are committed to giving you the attention that you deserve; communicating with you, your realtor, and your lender at every stage of the transaction. We want your transaction to go as smoothly as possible, we will get the job done.

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Bankruptcy & Debt Resolution

O'Flaherty Law provides affordable rate for bankruptcy, but in no way are we a bankruptcy mill. Our Lake in the Hills bankruptcy & debt resolution attorneys take personalized care of your bankruptcy case and take time to go through the different opportunities you have. We also can answer any questions you have throughout this intimidating process. It is important you focus on your new start while we deal with the hard work of the bankruptcy. ​

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Kevin's firm handled setting up my will and trust recently. They took something that seemed intimidating and made it easy to understand. I've also referred a couple clients to Kevin - he's trustworthy, approachable and very fairly priced.

Christi M.

"I've used Kevin and his firm's services since 2011. He gave undivided attention to my cases, advised me on different options and..."


"Kevin was extremely professional, responsive and knowledgeable when I came to him for help. I would definitely recommend O'Flaherty Law!"

Rachel B.

"...your articles on the changes to the child support law are very well-written and informative.”


“It’s good to open the door of creative vision to offer a service that may motivate other attorneys to do the same. Keep up the good work.”


"Great set of articles. I was divorced in 2014 with one child and would have certainly considered you had I seen these types of articles then."


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Why O'Flaherty Law of Lake in the Hills?

Why O'Flaherty Law of Lake in the Hills?

Why O'Flaherty Law of Lake in the Hills?

Top 3 Qualities to Look for in Your Attorney


When we started our firm in the midst of the recession, we learned to survive in a lean environment and pass the savings on to our clients.  As the economy has improved, we have not changed our philosophy.  We are hungry to grow our client base, and so we have intentionally set our rates below what the market will bear.  Our mission is to make each client walk away feeling that they got more value than they paid for.  This is easier to do when we make our prices affordable.


The secret to our success as a firm is incredibly simple: we build a personal relationship with each of our clients and treat them with the respect that they deserve.  We pride ourselves on our open lines of communication, frequent check-ins with our clients, and our accessibility.  We are here to help you in any way we can, often leveraging our network of resources to assist you with non-legal issues that you may be having.  We are your one-stop problem-solver and trusted adviser.  All attorneys say that they provide excellent client service, but, unlike other attorneys, we practice what we preach.  We make sure every client walks away happy . . . period.


We are your community law firm.  Our business is built on long-term relationships with our clients.  Our clients have the luxury of building trust over time with one team of attorneys, rather than having to find a new attorney for each different type of matter that arises over the course of their lives.  No one attorney can be experienced at everything.  That is why we have worked hard to assemble a team of attorneys with extensive experience in different areas of experience.  Our attorneys work together closely to bring our collective experience to bear on any issue that may arise for our clients.

estate planning lawyer lake in the hills illinois
lake in the hills estate planning lawyer

Great at What We Do

Since our business comes entirely from referrals and community involvement, our reputation for quality legal work is our greatest asset . . . and it is extremely important to us.  Each of our attorneys is truly experienced in his or her practice areas, with the highest personal standards of excellence.  We are proud of our reputation in the community, and we did not achieve it by accident.  Our reputation for excellence comes from hard work, continuing education, and an above-and-beyond approach to our clients’ cases.

Our Lake in the Hills Estate Planning Attorneys provide excellent service in the following areas of law:

Our attorneys work as a team to provide comprehensive has experience in:
  • We Are Affordable! Here at O'Flaherty Law, our Lake in the Hills Estate Planning & Administration attorneys have a pretty simple philosophy. We provide experienced service at a cost-effective rate, and we leave our clients satisfied with our work and attention that they received. Why would you pay for a basic form without much attorney review. We are able to provide these lower prices and still maintain excellent service and attorney oversight to make sure your estate planning documents read how you want them to.
  • We Go Above-And-Beyond!  When it comes to estate planning, there can be a lot of options out there. Some of them include template forms that may not contain the same goals you wish to achieve. We want to break you from that mold and construct great estate planning documents that cater to your wishes. After forming these trusts, why stop there? We will fund your trust free of charge and cut through any red tape that may be standing in your way from your goals.
  • We Know Our Stuff!  Estate planning attorneys can often get complacent in what they offer to clients. However, unlike other attorneys, we stay in the cutting edge with Estate Tax Avoidance Techniques, Special Needs Trusts, Creditor Protection Strategies, and other focused techniques to fit your situation. We don't just sell the form, we sell the experience and knowledge that leaves our clients feeling like they got their money's worth.
  • We are Comprehensive!  Once your estate planning documents are in order, that is often just the beginning of our trusted relationship with our clients. We provide a multitude of legal services as well. Our team is dedicated to provide you the same excellent service you received in estate planning with many other areas of law. Whatever you need may be, we will be a trusted resource to you.

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In this video, attorney Kevin O'Flaherty describes ways you can receive legal services from the comfort of home.

Please contact our office to Schedule a Consultation.
See below for our other locations. If our office locations are not convenient for you, we are happy to speak with you by phone.

O'Flaherty Law of Lake in the Hills

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What to Expect From a Consultation

The purpose of a consultation is to determine whether our firm is a good fit for your legal needs. Although we often discuss expected results and costs, our attorneys do not give legal advice unless and until you choose to retain us. Although most consultations are complimentary, some may carry a charge depending on the type of matter and meeting location.

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Check Out Articles and Videos from our Lake in the Hills Estate Planning Attorneys

In this Learn About Law podcast & videoblog, Lake in the Hills Estate Planning & Administration attorney Kevin O'Flaherty of O'Flaherty Law discusses the importance of having an Estate plan when you have children.

In this Learn About Law podcast & videoblog, Lake in the Hills Estate Planning & Administration attorney Kevin O'Flaherty of O'Flaherty Law discusses the importance of having an Estate plan when you have children.

Why Should I Have An Estate Plan?

Every estate planning case is unique. That's why our Lake in the Hills Estate Planning & Administration attorneys take their time to fully understand your goals.​ Only after an understanding is achieved, can we begin with a strategy that encompasses your needs. We don't just supply you with the documents. We take the time to explain the documents and how they work to accomplish your needs for your family.

In this Learn About Law podcast & videoblog, Lake in the Hills Estate Planning & Administration attorney Kevin O'Flaherty of O'Flaherty Law discusses the 8 Goals Of A Good Estate Plan.

Typical Goals Of A Good Estate Plan

There are many benefits that an estate plan can provide to your family. Here are just some listed below:

Probate Becomes Unnecessary : Probate is the court's way of distributing your assets when you pass. This can cost from 5% to 10% of the value of the estate in attorney fees. On top of the attorney fees, there will be court costs as well. Not only can it be expensive, but it can be a lengthy process that won't allow your loved ones to have access to your assets for at least a year. The last thing that your family needs in the grieving period is this stressful distraction. Probate is required if you do not have a proper estate plan when you pass. This estate plan ensures that your wishes are fulfilled and your assets are distributed immediately and without the costs of the probate process.

  • The Right Way to Distribute Assets: Your wishes may be complex, but our Lake in the Hills estate planning lawyers make sure that it is executed correctly. We make sure your assets are to be distributed through a loved one or fiduciary you trust rather than the probate court that does not hold your interests. Even years after you pass, with the right estate plan you may be able to control your asset distribution. For example, if there arises a case where a young adult may need a delayed inheritance, your estate plan may make sure the young adult does not see a dime of it until they are old enough to handle the responsibility. Instead, these assets can be released by your trustee over time as the child ages. If you have a minor child with an ex-spouse, you can make sure your ex-spouse does not receive your assets because she is the guardian of your child. Instead, the assets can be managed by someone you appoint.
  • Naming a Guardian for Minor Children:  Young families have the important task of naming the right person to their raise their children if they become unable to do so. This decision is too important to leave up to chance through probate. Your wishes are essential when it comes to the protection of your children.
  • Avoiding a Guardianship Proceeding Should You Become Mentally IncompetentThough accident, disease, or old age, you may be rendered mentally incompetent. A guardianship proceeding would follow such event which would allow your loved ones to manage your personal and financial affairs. These proceedings can be costly and require attorney fees and court courts that may put an unnecessary burden on your family. These proceedings are not only costly, but they can be lengthy as well. Guardianship proceedings take approximately six months. Your family remains in limbo while you wait for this proceeding and cannot act on your behalf. Establishing a solid financial and healthcare power of attorney means you can appoint your guardian in advance. This in turn lowers the costs, saves your family the stress, and cuts out the waiting period involved.
  • End of Life Instruction: When it comes to estate planning, the theme is saving your family from the emotional burden that is placed on them during a time where you become unable to make important decisions. Our Lake in the Hills attorneys will alleviate this stress by creating a great estate plan that outlines your wishes ahead of time. This process helps get rid of the guilt that can occur and disputes that may arise when a family is left to make these choices without guidance.

Read more from our Lake in the Hills estate planning attorneys regarding the 8 goals of a good estate plan. 

In this Learn About Law podcast & videoblog, Lake in the Hills Estate Planning & Administration attorney Kevin O'Flaherty of O'Flaherty Law discusses using a trust to ensure that your estate avoids probate when you pass.

​Is A Trust Appropriate For Me?

While most people have a preconceived notion that Revocable Living Trusts may only benefit and be required for the wealthy, the fact remains that Revocable Living Trusts suit most families. A Revocable Living Trust may be for you if:

  1. You own your home or condo: A trust will ensure that your estate avoids attorney fees and court costs that are associated with a probate case. In addition to saving money, you will save time.  A will won't provide the same peace of mind.
  2. You have more than $100,000.00 in total assets: A trust makes sure that your assets stay out of the probate process; a will does not. 
  3. You are a divorcee with a minor child: A trusts allows you to appoint someone to manage your child's assets in the event your child is too young to receive it. This prevents your ex-spouse from gaining control of these assets as the child's guardian. 
  4. You have young children or young adult children who you do not want to receive a lump sum inheritance at your death:  If you have young adults or young children who do not yet have the fiscal responsibility of handling a lump sum of cash, you can have your trust give instructions on when it is to be distributed. You have the ability to appoint someone you trust to manage these assets for your children's benefit. If you do not have an executed trust, it will be delivered in a lump sum.

Read more from our Lake in the Hills estate planning attorneys regarding Revocable Living Trust

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