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What Are Some of the Reasons to File for Divorce in Iowa?

Most people are aware of the statistic that 50% of first marriages end in divorce. But have you ever stopped and wondered what causes this seemingly high rate of divorce? While there is no set answer to this question, there are some top reasons for divorce seen again and again by attorneys. In Iowa, common causes include commitment, infidelity, conflicts/arguing, financial problems, substance abuse, domestic violence, lack of intimacy, and getting married too young. Read on to learn more about some of the top reasons people file for divorce in Iowa.


After vowing to spend the rest life with someone, it is no surprise that an extramarital affair may complicate things. It is hard to rebuild the trust that has been broken and find ways to get over the difference. Often an affair is an unforgivable offense for many that can lead one spouse to want a divorce. There could be multiple and varying reasons for a spouse to engage in infidelity, but the fractious effects remain the same.

Financial Problems

Another significant contributing factor in the decision to file for divorce is financial problems. It is common for some incompatibility in marriage, but differences in financial styles of handling money can be a greater concern than in other areas of disagreement. Increased financial stress is not conducive to a happy relationship and can often be a final straw for many couples. One person may be a big spend, the other a saver, or have entirely different long-term financial goals. To learn more about another common issue for couples financial infidelity read our article, What is Financial Infidelity and is it Grounds for Divorce?

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Substance Abuse

Intimacy between partners can be ruined when a substance comes in between their marriages. Addiction and substance abuse can take on many detrimental forms that can sometimes affect other factors in life, including finance and employment. Substance Abuse is no easy feat to work through, and sometimes it can be a final straw for the other person in the relationship.

Too Many Conflicts or Arguments

Communication is vital for any long-term relationship to stay healthy and productive. Without this critical component of a relationship, couples are open to frustration, resentment, and a misunderstanding of expectations. Miscommunication can lead to ineffective communication, like arguing and fighting. Going on in unproductive circles of conflict or yelling may make one feel as if there is no option other than divorce.

Domestic Violence

Enduring domestic violence in a marriage is a pressing issue for any person and a significant contributor to divorce. Domestic violence can be both physical and emotional abuse that can be formed over time. These patterns are a valid reason for a spouse to want to leave a marriage. This abuse does not have to be restricted to just between spouses and can occur between any family member making the spouse concerned and rethink their relationship. Victims of domestic abuse are always encouraged to seek help and put their own well-being over the marriage. For more support, read our article, How Your Lawyer Should Handle Abuse and Domestic Violence in Iowa.  

Getting Married Too Young

There is no set way to tell if you are ready to get married; it varies from couple to couple. However, divorce becomes more common the younger the couple. Some may enter marriage with impracticable expectations, or an unrealistic vision of what marriage will be like. These people who are young and have these impossible notions of marriage have an exceptionally high risk of getting divorced.


Give and take between both partners is a must in most marriages. That give and take requires commitment on both ends between partners. If one spouse isn’t fully committed to the other, it is likely that the marriage may ultimately suffer. If a partner who is still committed to the relationship puts in 100% while the other person puts in 0%, the marriage has a good chance of ending in divorce.

Lack of Intimacy  

Emotional and physical intimacy is part of what keeps a relationship going smoothly. The ability to be venerable and intimate with a partner is a valuable asset for feeling connected. Losing this connection can draw a line between partners that weakens their bond. Whether it be the cold shoulder emotionally, or physically the lack of intimacy can ultimately lead to divorce in some cases.  

If you are considering a divorce in Iowa, you should consult an experienced Iowa Divorce attorney that can adequately assist you in the matter. No matter the reason for divorce, feel free to call O’Flaherty Law; we would be happy to help you.

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