Iowa Franchise Attorneys | Franchise Lawyers, Iowa

Iowa Franchise Attorneys | Franchise Lawyers, Iowa

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Iowa Franchise Attorneys | Franchise Lawyers, Iowa

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Proper Clauses in Iowa Franchise Disputes

In light of recent events, many franchises have faced the prospect of triggering force majeure clauses in their legal agreements. A force majeure clause allows for a party to be excused of a legal responsibility due to an unforeseen circumstance, such as a natural disaster or a global pandemic. These clauses are helpful; however, if they are not incorporated into a contract appropriately, proving the legitimacy of a force majeure clause may be difficult and the decision will ultimately be up to the court’s interpretation of the law.

To prevent issues arising from force majeure clauses, look no further than our seasoned team of Iowa franchise litigation attorneys.

In this video, our Iowa franchise litigation attorneys explain force majeure clauses in Iowa contracts.

Franchise Disputes in Iowa: Contract Disputes

A good business contract is the difference between being covered in the case of something going wrong, and not. That is why our Iowa franchise litigation attorneys find it important to include certain clauses in employee and independent contractor contracts to ensure that all parties are covered in the case of legal issues. The point of these contracts is to protect your business from legal issues, establish clear roles and responsibilities on both sides, outline the services to be performed by the employee or independent contractor, and to create trust and transparency between the business and it’s workers.

Read more on clauses to include in employee and franchise agreements for your Iowa business by our Iowa franchise attorneys.

Our Iowa franchise litigation attorneys in this video examine clauses to include in franchise and employment contracts to protect your Iowa business.

Protecting Your Iowa Franchise with a PLLC

Professional Limited Liability Companies, or PLLCs, are specialized types of limited liability company that is meant for licensed professionals, such as dentists, chiropractors, physicians, architects, etc. These exist for trades that require some form of professional license and give the owners certain benefits in their line of work. Our Iowa franchise dispute attorneys explain the steps to take when trying to establish you own PLLC, including:

  • Forming a PLLC
  • Choosing a registered agent
  • Filing the right documents
  • Creating an open agreement

Our Iowa franchise litigation attorneys in this video examine clauses to include in franchise and employment contracts to protect your Iowa business.

Our Iowa franchise dispute lawyers are happy to meet with you in Scott County or a location convenient to you.

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