Iowa Will Contest Attorneys | Will Dispute Lawyers in Iowa

Iowa Will Contest Attorneys | Will Dispute Lawyers in Iowa

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Iowa Will Contest Attorneys

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Iowa Will Contest Attorneys | Will Dispute Lawyers in Iowa

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Contesting Wills in Iowa

Wills and trusts are legally binding arrangements between three parties that are in place to that estates and assets are appropriately managed. Our Iowa will contest attorneys discuss why it's important to have a will or trust in place and different kind of trusts you may encounter.  The following questions are addressed:

  • What are the types of Iowa wills and trusts?
  • Why would a trust be contested in Iowa?
  • Who can contest a trust in Iowa?
  • How to contest a trust in Iowa

In this video, we explain how our Iowa will contest lawyers can help you start your dispute.

When Wills Go Wrong in Iowa: Lack of Testamentary Capacity

Wills can "go wrong" in any number of ways. One common way is when the person arranging the will is not legally have the capacity to execute a will. In this article, our team of Iowa will contest attorneys explain what this "lack of testamentary capacity " means, and how you can use it as grounds for a will dispute. We also explain what will NOT be considered as evidence when arguing for lack of testamentary capacity.

In this video, our Iowa will contest lawyers examine contesting a trust in Iowa.

Spousal Rights During Iowa Probate Matters

Settling estate in Iowa involves determining and valuing assets that were owned by the deceased, transferring assets to correct parties, and paying any taxes that may be due. Spouses in probate cases still have rights to some parts of the estate depending on the scenario. Spousal rights vary in an Iowa probate case, and our Iowa will contest attorneys discuss frequent questions when it comes to this process.

  • Settling an estate in Iowa
  • What are surviving spouse’s rights in Iowa?
  • Does a surviving spouse inherit property in Iowa?
  • What is the elective share of a surviving spouse in Iowa?
  • Are there other types of assets not affected by surviving spouse’s rights?
  • What if there is no spouse to inherit property in Iowa?

Read the full article by our Iowa will dispute attorneys explaining surviving spouse's rights in Iowa probate cases.

In this video, our Iowa will contest lawyers examine contesting a trust in Iowa.

Our Iowa will contest lawyers are happy to meet with you in Scott County or any location convenient to you.

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