Elmhurst Child Custody Attorneys | Child Custody Lawyers, Elmhurst

Elmhurst Child Custody Attorneys | Child Custody Lawyers, Elmhurst

Our Elmhurst child custody attorneys fight for your family's legal needs. At O'Flaherty law, child custody attorneys work hard to help you in the most cost effective manner.


Elmhurst Child Custody Attorneys

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Elmhurst Child Custody Attorneys

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Elmhurst Child Custody Attorneys | Child Custody Lawyers, Elmhurst

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Child Custody Mediation In Illinois

In this article, our Elmhurst child custody attorney Kevin O'Flaherty explains the process of mediation. Mediation is a way for parties to come to an agreement on child-related issues with the help of a neutral third party mediator. This can help parties define the issues, facilitate communication between parties,  and help the parties reach mutually acceptable solutions. Mediation can be undertaken voluntarily or under a court order. It is important to have a lawyer present, especially when there is an imbalance of power between the mediating parties. If you are successful in reaching an agreement, your attorney will file the results with the court in order to reach a final order in the case without the necessity for litigation.

Elmhurst custody attorney Kevin O'Flaherty explains family mediation and how it can be voluntary and involuntary in the state of Illinois.

Illinois Paternity Law

In this article, our Elmhurst custody lawyers go through the Illinois paternity law and discuss the different types of cases that exist in Illinois. This article also discusses the rights of the parents outside of wedlock. We discuss how paternity can be established by consent at birth, as well as how paternity can be proven in a contested paternity case.  We also explain how parenting time and responsibilities are determined in paternity cases.

Elmhurst child custody attorney Kevin O'Flaherty in this episode of Learn About Law discusses illinois paternity law.

Recent Changes to Illinois Child Custody Law

Our Elmhurst Child Custody lawyers explain the changes to parenting when it comes to child custody. Recently in 2016, terms "custody" and "visitation" have been changed to "parenting time" and "responsibilities". Also in 2016, moving within 25 miles with the child does not need a court order even if moving over state lines. Now in 2020, our child custody attorney explains the state of Illinois is proposing that equal parenting time as the presumptively the best interest of the child. The courts will weigh the wishes of each child, which is especially influenced by the child's age and is used to fit the child's best interest for parenting time. Parents relationship with the child and with each other are also weighed in with child custody as well as school and community adjustment and parents mental health in addition to many other factors. The court will use this to determine what parenting plan would be used for the child's best interest in 2020.

Elmhurst child custody attorney Kevin O'Flaherty in this episode of Learn About Law discusses illinois paternity law.

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