Peoria Drug Offense Attorneys | Drug Crime Lawyers, Peoria

Peoria Drug Offense Attorneys | Drug Crime Lawyers, Peoria

Our Peoria criminal and drug offense attorneys know that when you're charged with a drug offense or DUI, you need the best representation possible to defend your rights and maintain your freedom. We will be your aggressive advocate during your matter to help you achieve the best possible outcome in your Peoria matter.


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Peoria Drug Offense Attorneys

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Peoria Drug Offense Attorneys | Drug Crime Lawyers, Peoria

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Defense Against Suspension of Your License in Peoria

In this article, our Peoria drug offense attorneys discuss the rights you have if you find yourself pulled over on suspicion for a DUI in Peoria.

We explain your rights and what you should and do NOT have to say to an officer. It's also important to know you're rights if you've been charged with a DUI. If you fail to file a Petition for Hearing within 90 days of your arrest, your right to a hearing will be waived. 

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In this video, Peoria drug offense lawyer Kevin O'Flaherty explains what to do if you are pulled over for a DUI according to Illinois laws.

Blood Tests as Evidence in Peoria DUI Cases

In this article, our Peoria DUI attorneys explain when, and how blood tests can be used as evidenced in a Peoria DUI case.

Hospitals typically perform blood plasma tests and is performed on a drawn blood sample after the solid cellular components have been separated. A legal blood test, however, is performed on whole blood.

Drivers typically should not consent to a breathalyzer or field sobriety test when pulled over or arrested on suspicion of a DUI and also can refuse a blood test.

Read more about the use of blood tests in Peoria DUI cases by our Peoria DUI attorneys.

In this video, Peoria DUI attorney Kevin O'Flaherty discusses what you need to know about DUI blood tests.

Aggravated DUIs in Peoria

Our Peoria drug offense team wants you to be better informed about when a DUI becomes an aggravated DUI under Illinois law.

When faced with a DUI, there are important points you need to know. 

  • If you receive a DUI, it's possible the charges can be reduced or dismissed 
  • If the court allows neither, supervision is possible which enables you to keep your licenses along with a conviction off your record

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In this video, Peoria DUI attorney Kevin O'Flaherty discusses what you need to know about DUI blood tests.

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Peoria Drug Offense Attorneys