Wheaton Elder Law Attorneys | Medicaid Planning Lawyers, Wheaton

Wheaton Elder Law Attorneys | Medicaid Planning Lawyers, Wheaton

Our Wheaton elder law attorneys are dedicated to taking the time to help you understand your senior planning goals and educate you on estate planning techniques that will ensure you and your loved ones are provided for in the long-term. We pride ourselves on our affordable rates and amazing client service, and are here to help you secure your loved ones' future.


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Wheaton Elder Law Attorneys

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Wheaton Elder Law Attorneys | Medicaid Planning Lawyers, Wheaton

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Wheaton Medicaid Planning Attorneys

Our Wheaton elder law attorneys will assist you and your loved ones in taking advantage of Medicaid benefits in order to pay for long-term care.  

The cost of long-term care can be incredibly expensive.   If you are facing the prospect of long-term care, Medicaid benefits may be an option to cover these costs. However, in order to be eligible for Medicaid benefits, you must be able to show that you have "spent down" all of your non-exempt assets.  Medicaid allows you to keep a certain small amount of value in certain types of assets without interfering with eligibility. You must spend all of your assets over and above exemption amounts before becoming eligible for Medicaid assistance.  

The good news is that, with proper Medicaid planning, you may be able to transfer a significant amount of your assets to your family rather than spending these assets on long-term care.   It is important to begin the planning process with our Wheaton elder law attorneys as early as possible because Medicaid has a "5-year look back period" which complicates matters.  Any transfers made to family members within 5 years of applying for Medicaid may result in a penalty period during with your eligibility for Medicaid will be delayed.  When you pass away, the state is obliged to seek repayment from your estate for Medicaid benefits paid on your behalf for long-term care.  If you transfer assets like your family home to your loved ones within 5 years prior to your passing, these transfers can be undone and your family members may be liable for repayment of the proceeds.

What Should I Discuss With My Elder Law Attorney?

In this article, our Wheaton elder law attorneys explain how Powers of Attorney (POA) can help avoid the costly and time consuming process of guardianship proceedings by directly stipulating who will handle the affairs in case of incapacity or disability.

If a person becomes mentally incompetent through disease, injury or old age, their immediate family can't simply take over the management of their major life decisions or financial affairs. 

Read the full article by our Wheaton elder law attorneys about how guardianship proceedings can be avoided by using Powers of Attorneys.

In this video, Wheaton Medicaid planning attorney Kevin O'Flaherty gives a broad overview of Medicaid planning for long-term care.

In the following Learn About Law Video, Wheaton Elder Law attorney Kevin O'Flaherty explains how to use financial powers of attorney and healthcare powers of attorney to avoid costly guardianship proceedings.

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