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Three Day Grace Period to Cancel Home Repair Contracts in Illinois

Can I cancel my home repair contract?

In this article we will explain the three day right to cancel home repair contracts in Illinois, including what types of home repair contracts can be cancelled within three days?, what are the exceptions to the three day right to cancel home repair contracts?, what notice of the customer’s three day right to cancel a home repair contract is the contractor required to provide?, and how to cancel a home repair contract.

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Family Limited Partnerships Explained

What is a family limited partnership (FLP) in Illinois?

In this article, we will explain family limited partnership and discuss the different assets that can be protected, the benefits of FLPs, and the differences between FLPs and Family LLCs. FLPs allow financially-savvy families and seasoned investors to combine their money and undertake projects that may or may not be possible for a single family member, due to lack of funds or business experience.  They also provide protection from creditors, estate planning benefits, and tax benefits.

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Wrongful Termination in Illinois Explained

What is Wrongful Termination in Illinois?

In this article, we explain the employment termination laws in Illinois. We answer the question, “what is wrongful termination in Illinois?” and  “Examples of wrongful termination in Illinois.”  We explain what to do if you have been wrongfully terminated in Illinois, and we discuss wrongful termination and employment contracts and wrongful termination due to time off work.

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