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Iowa law has always required that permit holders were the only ones who could legally purchase a pistol or revolver, but starting July 1st, these laws are changing.  

In this article, we discuss what these changes mean and how you can obtain a firearm under the new laws. We cover the following questions:  

  • Changes to Iowa Constitutional Carry Law
  • What Do I Need to Purchase A Firearm in Iowa?
  • Do I Still Need a Permit For A Concealed Carry in Iowa?

Changes to Iowa Constitutional Carry Law

Under the new House File 756, the permit requirements previously required to purchase a handgun and for concealed carry of a handgun are no longer in place. Along with this, Iowa has also made other changes to criminal law this year. Read about these changes in our article Changes to Iowa Criminal Law 2021.

What Do I Need to Purchase A Firearm in Iowa?

You are still required to have a federal criminal background check under the new law prior to purchasing a concealed carry. It is still illegal to sell a firearm to anyone who is prohibited from owning one. For more information about this, check out our article Can I Purchase a Handgun Without A Permit in Iowa?

Do I Still Need a Permit For A Concealed Carry in Iowa?

Though a permit is no longer required in Iowa, you can still request permits through the local sheriff’s office to make the process of clearing you for the firearm much faster. A permit will also allow you to carry your firearm into other states that have similar permit requirements to Iowa. This includes South Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri, and Wisconsin, who all have the same exceptions on firearms. Learn about Iowa’s Domestic Firearm Law here.

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