Champaign Child Support Attorneys

Champaign Child Support Attorneys

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Champaign Child Support Attorneys

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Champaign Child Support Attorneys

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Champaign Child Support Attorneys

Champaign Child Support Attorneys

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New Illinois Laws Impact Child Support Obligations

Our Champaign child support attorneys explain the differences in how child support is determined in 2020. Once an appropriate amount for child support is set by the court, each parent’s portion of the obligation must be designated. Typically, this is determined by the parents’ relative incomes. The larger the difference in income between the obligor and obligee, the more the obligor is likely to pay in child support. The change from a fixed-rate model to an income shares model affects each case differently. Spouses with similar incomes will likely receive less in child support under the new law.​

Champaign child support attorney Kevin O'Flaherty discusses the new changes to Illinois Child Support Laws.

How to Modify an Existing Child Support Obligation

In this article, our Champaign child support lawyers explain how child support judgments may be modified. In order to modify a final judgment on child support, the party seeking to modify the order must show proof of "substantial change in circumstances."  We explain what types of life changes for each parent and the child constitute a "substantial change of circumstances" as well as the process for obtaining a child support modification order from the domestic relations court. 

Champaign child support attorney Kevin O'Flaherty explains how to modify a child support order.

How is Child Support Determined if a Parent is Unemployed or Underemployed?

In this video, our Champaign child support attorneys discuss the recent changes to Illinois child support law and how they can affect you if a parent is unemployed or underemployed. Employment matters in terms of child support because the courts look at economic tables to determine how much you would pay in relation to how much both parents. make. If you or another parent are unemployed we would then discuss whether that is voluntary or involuntary unemployment. If it is voluntary, then the court would look at the potential income of that person if they tried as hard as they could to get a job despite the low income they currently might have. If you are involuntary unemployed, then the courts use your actual income as opposed to the potential income. 

Champaign child support attorney Kevin O'Flaherty explains how to modify a child support order.

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