Elmhurst Commercial Litigation Attorneys | Business Litigation Lawyers, Elmhurst, IL

Elmhurst Commercial Litigation Attorneys | Business Litigation Lawyers, Elmhurst, IL

Our Elmhurst commercial litigation attorneys pride themselves in their above-and-beyond approach to client care and communication. We have the skill and expertise that will put you in the best position to succeed in your case in a cost-effective and efficient manner.


Elmhurst Commercial Litigation Attorneys

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Elmhurst Commercial Litigation Attorneys

Kevin O'Flaherty oversees all legal matters and is actively involved in making sure every client's case, big or small, is handled with excellence and attention to detail. He is available to contact through phone and email and his rates are available upon request.

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Elmhurst Commercial Litigation Attorneys | Business Litigation Lawyers, Elmhurst, IL

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Common Defenses to Breach of Contract

In this article, our commercial litigation lawyers discuss the ways to potentially get out of a contract. When a contract is initially made it may seem that you may be bound to it. However, there are some special cases that would excuse you from performance under the contract. The defenses include material breach by the other party, anticipatory repudiation, duress, unconscionability, impracticability, undue influence, fraud, and mistake. There are also other considerations that are discussed in the article that will make a contract illegal or unenforceable. There are one-sided clauses and contract loopholes that may get you out of a contract in the eyes of a law.

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Motions to Dismiss Explained

In this article, our Elmhurst commercial dispute attorneys explain motions to dismiss. The article begins by outlining the process of litigation. A Complaint is the very beginning of a case, and it outlines the allegations that would entitle the plaintiff to a claim against the defendant. A defendant, who the case is brought against, then has the choice to file an answer or a motion to dismiss. This article discusses two kinds of motions to dismiss: 2-615 and 2-619. The 2-615 motion attempts to dismiss the Complaint based on an improper statement of the cause of action. The 2-619 motion, on the other hand, attempts to dismiss the claim because there's an affirmative matter that will easily defeat the claim.

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In this Learn About Law podcast & videoblog, Elmhurst attorney Kevin O'Flaherty discusses why it makes sense to hire an attorney to set up your corporation or LLC.

In this Learn About Law episode, Elmhurst attorney Kevin O'Flaherty explains a motions to dismiss in Illinois litigation.

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