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Illinois Construction Attorneys

Our Illinois construction attorneys have the necessary experience in all areas of construction disputes including drafting and reviewing general contractor agreements, subcontractor agreements and resolving disputes. We provide skilled, aggressive representation to prevent construction litigation by drafting sound contracts and resolve your construction dispute favorably should one arise.
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"Kevin was extremely professional, responsive and knowledgeable when I came to him for help. I would definitely recommend O'Flaherty Law!"

Top 3 Qualities to look for in Your Attorney

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We believe your attorney should not speak in legalese

Finding an attorney who is a “real person” can be difficult. Many attorneys surround themselves almost exclusively with other attorneys and are accustomed to speaking in ivory tower legalese.  You should be able to connect with your attorney on a personal level, and he or she should speak to you in plain language that you can understand.  You will be working very closely with this person on issues that are very important to you. It is important that he or she be down-to-earth and someone that you connect with.

We believe your attorney should be accessible

The most common complaint that clients have of their attorneys is that the attorney is unreachable, does not communicate with them regularly, or does not promptly return your calls.  Your attorney should reach out to you about your case regularly and respond within 24 hours to calls and e-mails.  An open line of communication between you and your attorney is essential to building trust.

We believe your attorney should be realistic with you about costs and outcomes

Your attorney’s goal should not be to win at all costs.  Rather, it should be to achieve a favorable outcome for you as efficiently as possible.  It is important that your attorney set realistic expectations at the outset as to the costs you should expect, the concerns that the attorney has about the outcome of your case, and the length of time that you should expect your case to take.

Regardless of the nature of your case, we have an experienced attorney who will focus on your individual needs. Our team of attorneys works closely together, bringing each of their different fields of experience to bear in order to optimize our client care.

Client Testimonials

Christi M.

Kevin's firm handled setting up my will and trust recently. They took something that seemed intimidating and made it easy to understand. I've also referred a couple clients to Kevin - he's trustworthy, approachable and very fairly priced.


"I've used Kevin and his firm's services since 2011. He gave undivided attention to my cases, advised me on different options and..."

Rachel B.

"Kevin was extremely professional, responsive and knowledgeable when I came to him for help. I would definitely recommend O'Flaherty Law!"

More information about our Illinois Construction Attorneys

Understanding Construction Disputes

When you're embroiled in construction disputes, construction litigation attorneys are vital for navigating the intricate legal landscape. These disputes often involve contract interpretation, cost overruns, or project delays. A proficient construction disputes lawyer will closely examine the contract terms and project documentation, ensuring your position is robustly defended or pursued, whether it's a fixed-price contract or a more complex arrangement.

Role of Contractor Lawyers in Delay Claims

Delay claims in construction projects require a nuanced understanding of project scheduling and the impact of various factors like scope changes or unanticipated conditions. Contractor lawyers specialize in dissecting these complexities, assigning responsibility, and distinguishing between compensable and non-compensable delays. They ensure that the facts are presented effectively, safeguarding your interests in these often-contentious scenarios.

Addressing Defective Work and Collection Claims

Defective work disputes are common in construction contracts. Here, construction attorneys play a critical role in determining the root cause and identifying responsible parties. Additionally, in lien claims and collection disputes, a construction litigation attorney ensures compliance with legal requirements, efficiently managing claims to protect your financial interests. Whether it’s collecting dues or defending against unwarranted claims, their experience is invaluable in achieving a favorable resolution in these high-stakes situations.

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I am personally committed to ensuring that each one of our clients receives the highest level of client service from our team.  Our mission is to provide excellent legal work in a cost-effective manner while maintaining open lines of communication between our clients and their attorneys.  Many of our clients are going through difficult times in their lives when they reach out to us.  They should feel comfortable leaning on the experience and knowledge of our attorneys as their counselors and advocates.  We are here to help!

- Attorney Kevin O'Flaherty, Owner

Further Reading from our Illinois Construction Attorneys

Illinois Condominium Disputes

In this article, our Illinois construction dispute attorneys explain condominium laws and common types of disputes that may arise for both tenants and owners.

It's important to note that condominium associations have the responsibilities imposed upon a not-for-profit corporation by the Not For Profit Corporation Act, whether or not the association is incorporated.  To the extent that the Not For Profit Corporation Act conflicts with the Condominium Property Act, the Condominium Property Act controls with respect to condominium associations.  

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GMP Construction Contracts

In this article, our Illinois construction dispute attorneys explain what guaranteed maximum price construction contracts are and how they're created and implemented.

Important questions raised in this article are:

  • What is a Guaranteed Maximum Price?
  • What is a Schedule of Values in a GMP Construction Contract?
  • What is a Contingency in a GMP Construction Contract?
  • What are Allowances in a Construction Contract?
  • What are Change Orders in a Construction Contract?

Among the most common price structures is for the owner to pay the contractor the cost of work plus the contractor’s fee. ​Often, in a “cost-plus-fee” contract, the contractor’s fee is calculated as a certain percentage of the actual costs associated with the work, including labor, materials, storage, and transportation.  A common way to mitigate the owner’s risk and provide a level of certainty as to the cost of the project is for the contractor to set a guaranteed maximum price.   

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