Naperville Adoption Attorneys | Adoption Lawyers, Naperville IL

Naperville Adoption Attorneys | Adoption Lawyers, Naperville IL

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Naperville Adoption Attorneys

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Naperville Adoption Attorneys | Adoption Lawyers, Naperville IL

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Different Types of Adoption in Illinois

Our Naperville adoption attorneys further explain Illinois law in the following companion article. Under the Illinois Adoption Act, there are the five different types of adoption:

  • Agency Adoption is when an agency gives the authority to place a child with the adopting parents. This happens when the biological parents voluntarily give their child to an adoption agency or if a court has terminated the biological parents' parental rights.
  • Related Adoption occurs when the person being adopted is related to the adopting parents. This is when a step-parent wishes to adopt their step-child. The biological parent would be listed on the adoption petition as well as the step-parent.
  • Adoption of an adult happens when the child is 18 years or older when being adopted.
  • Standby adoption happens when a legal parent is terminally ill and agrees to a specific person adopting their child if the parent becomes too ill to care for the child.
  • Private adoption occurs outside an agency and neither adopting parents are related to the child being adopted.

To be eligible for adoption in Illinois you must have lived in Illinois for at least six months, not have a legal disability and have a good reputation. In most circumstances, the adopting parents must be over the age of 18.

Read the full article by our Naperville adoption attorneys explaining Illinois adoption law. 

Multiple Family Child Support in Naperville Adoption Cases

In this article, our Naperville adoption lawyers explain how multiple family child support works under Illinois law.

As of 2017, Illinois uses an "income shares" model to determine child support. A non-custodial parent's contribution is now determined by net income relative to the custodial parent, and not gross income, meaning that deductions to their gross income will affect their child support payments moving forward.

Read the full article by our Naperville adoption attorneys explaining multiple family child support under Illinois law.

In the following video, our Naperville adoption attorneys outlines the different types of adoption available in Illinois.

For this video, Naperville adoption attorney Kevin O'Flaherty discusses multiple family child support payments under the new Illinois 2017 child support law.

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