DuPage Contract Attorneys | Contract Lawyers, DuPage County

DuPage Contract Attorneys | Contract Lawyers, DuPage County

Our DuPage contract attorneys have experience drafting, reviewing, and negotiating mergers and acquisitions, asset purchase agreement, commercial leases, residential leases, employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, partnership agreements, bylaws, operating agreements, and profit sharing plans. We will efficiently put you in the best position to ensure that your best interests are protected in your contract negotiation.


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DuPage Contract Attorneys

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DuPage Contract Attorneys | Contract Lawyers, DuPage County

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The Attorney Review Process for Contracts

In this article, our DuPage County contract attorneys explain the process of having your contract reviewed by an attorney.

Typically, having your contract reviewed by an attorney is a simple and affordable process that can save you significant money in the long run by protecting your rights and avoiding a breach of contract litigation that is much more likely to occur if your contract is ambiguous or poorly drafted. Our DuPage contract lawyers will first provide you with an opinion letter explaining issues of which you should be aware, and points you may want to negotiate.  We will then go through these items with you in person or by phone to determine whether you would like us to make revisions, or if you would simply like to provide our suggested revisions to the other party to the contract.

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Important Clauses for Employers to Include in Employment Agreements and Independent Contractor Agreements

In this article, our DuPage County contract attorneys explain some of the key clauses that employers should include in employment agreements and independent contractor agreements.

Non-compete clauses should be narrowly tailored to protect the employer's legitimate employment interests.  Non-solicitation clauses can prevent employees and contractors from soliciting a business' clients or employees after termination of employment.  These can be broader in geographic scope and duration than non-compete clauses. Trade secrets clauses protect the business' confidential business information. Non-disparagement clauses prevent former employees and contractors from damaging the reputation of the business after they are terminated.

Read the full article by our DuPage County contract lawyers explaining key contract clauses.

In this Learn About Law podcast & videoblog, DuPage County contract attorney Kevin O'Flaherty discusses how attorneys can help you review contracts.

In this video, DuPage County contract lawyer Kevin O'Flaherty talks employment agreements and independent contractors.

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