DuPage Commercial Litigation Attorneys | Business Litigation Lawyers, DuPage County

DuPage Commercial Litigation Attorneys | Business Litigation Lawyers, DuPage County

Our DuPage County commercial litigation lawyers have the experience in every area of business litigation necessary to help you succeed in your business dispute. We offer individualized client service, affordable rates, and superior legal expertise. We look forward to protecting your business and your bottom line. 


DuPage Commercial Litigation Attorneys

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DuPage Commercial Litigation Attorneys

Kevin O'Flaherty oversees all legal matters and is actively involved in making sure every client's case, big or small, is handled with excellence and attention to detail. He is available to contact through phone and email and his rates are available upon request.

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DuPage Commercial Litigation Attorneys | Business Litigation Lawyers, DuPage County

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The Written Discovery Phase of Business Litigation Explained

In the article below, our DuPage County business litigation attorneys discuss what can occur during commercial litigation, specifically the discovery phase.  

This includes the exchange of information and narrowing of the issues for trial using methods such as requests for the production of documents,  interrogatories, and requests to admit facts.  Our DuPage County business litigation lawyers discuss the methods used in preparing for depositions and trials as well as overcoming delays and objections in response to discovery requests through motions tocompel responses to discovery requests.  

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DuPage County Motions to Dismiss in Commercial Litigation

In this article, our DuPage County commercial dispute lawyers explain the method used in business litigation to dismiss unwarranted cases in an affordable, efficient manner.  We explain the process of using motions to dismiss including the briefing process in which each side presents the court with memorandums of law in support of their argument, as well as the hearing process and oral arguement.

Our DuPage business litigation attorneys also explain the difference between Illinois Supreme Court Rule 2-615 and 2-619 motions to dismiss.  Rule 2-619 motions to dismiss are used for the dismissal of the case due to the defeat of a plaintiff's claim based on an affirmative defense or extraneous facts.  Rule 2-615 motions to dismiss can be used to dismiss a complaint due to a failure of the complaint to properly state a cause of action on its face.

Read the full article by our DuPage County commercial litigation lawyers explaining motions to dismiss in business disputes. 

For this episode of Learn About Law, DuPage business litigation attorney Kevin O'Flaherty discusses the process for the written discovery phase in commercial litigation.

For this video, DuPage County business dispute attorney Kevin O'Flaherty explains motions to dismiss in DuPage County commercial litigation.

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