DuPage Spousal Maintenance Attorneys | Alimony Lawyers, DuPage County

DuPage Spousal Maintenance Attorneys | Alimony Lawyers, DuPage County

Our DuPage County spousal maintenance attorneys have the experience required to give you every advantage in your alimony case. Whether you need assistance negotiating a marital settlement agreement or fighting for your spousal support rights in court, our DuPage County alimony lawyers will take the time to learn the specifics of your case, educate you on the range of outcomes that you can expect, and aggressively advocate for your rights.


DuPage Spousal Maintenance Attorneys

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DuPage Spousal Maintenance Attorneys

Kevin O'Flaherty oversees all legal matters and is actively involved in making sure every client's case, big or small, is handled with excellence and attention to detail. He is available to contact through phone and email and his rates are available upon request.

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DuPage Spousal Maintenance Attorneys | Alimony Lawyers, DuPage County

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DuPage County Spousal Maintenance Awards Explained

In this article, our DuPage County spousal maintenance lawyers explain how Illinois domestic relations court determine whether to award spousal maintenance in divorce cases, and how courts determine the amount and duration of the award.  We explain the factors that divorce courts weigh in order to determine whether alimony is appropriate in a particular divorce case, including the income and assets of each party, the needs of each party, the duration of the marriage, and the standard of living during the marriage.  

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How Maintenance Payments Affect Child Support Obligations

Our DuPage county alimony attorneys explain how spousal maintenance payments impact child support obligations in the following companion video.  

Child support in Illinois is based on each parent’s relative net income.  The greater your net income relative to the other parent the greater your child support obligation will be if you are the payor and the less you will receive if you are the recipient.  If you are the recipient of child support, any maintenance payments you receive from anyone will raise your net income and reduce the amount of child support you receive.  If you are the party making child support payments, only maintenance payments to the same person who is receiving the child support will reduce your net income and therefore the amount of child support you are obligated to pay.  

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